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Centrosaurus Questions

While doing some quick research for re-doing my Centorsaur Flood drawing 
(A drawin I've done over and over again for years) I found something 
that's annoyed me.
You know those hook-like bony things near the top of the frill?
Well, in some drawings the hooks face down, towards the eyes, and in 
others it appears that they might?? be facing towards eachother. Anyone 
have a head-on Photograph of a Centrosaur to help me with this? I'm also 
having problems figuring the layout of the frill-spikes and how many 
there were (or is this variable?).
Also, what sort of vocalization would they have made? I always thought 
it would be a low bellowed noise or something like that.
Another of my problems are their...feet. I think the feet would be kind 
of like elephants-supported by a cussion of sorts, but in drawings and 
some re-constructions I keep on seeing the toes spread out reptile 
style, and they always look so chunky, when in my diagram of a foot (the 
front ones)shoes the phalanges as being fairly small and kinda slender 
when compared to the rest of the body.
Also, would elephants and rhinos be a good thing to look at as to how 
the legs might have moved?
I'm trying to make this stupid drawing (It's stupid because I've been 
drawing it over and over again since 6th grade or so!)so good It will 
finally be DONE and I won't have to draw it....again!

Jessica Wagar
Amature Paleontologist

"My name is Bird. And I'm a dinoholic. And I can't stop drawing my 
Centra-flood drawing! AHHHHHHHHHHH!(But if It turns out good I'll scan 
it and show everyone and you can all criticize it ;-)-Im sick of 
compliments! )"

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