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Re: sauropod drinking

On 14 Jul 1998, Norton, Patrick wrote:

> I would be very surprised if sauropods didn't go into the water on   
> occassion; to cool off, to bathe or to get from here to there, for   
> example. But I'm not aware of any terrestrial animal that must, as a   
> matter of anatomical necessity, immerse itself in water in order to   
> drink. It just seems odd to me that, given the associated risks, that   
> would be the evolutionary solution for sauropods.  

I had to go back and read my original post on this.  I can see that I
misrepresented myself.  I didn't intend to suggest that sauropods couldn't
lower their heads all the way to drink, although it may have sounded like
it.  I feel that they probably would have searched out the larger pools
when they were available, for partial submersion etc.  Of course, if
these were unavailable, they would have lowered their heads all the way to
drink.  I can even imagine them digging with their big pollex claws to
find water in a hypothetical dry season as elephants will do with their

Thanks for helping me figure myself out, I'll try to be more descriptive
in the future.