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Re: Resting (and Dining) Sauropods

I wrote:
> Would the
> nuchal tendon yank the head back somewhat toward the shoulder blades... 

Correction: nuchal ligament.

And regarding Jack's question of the quality of sauropod and people food
(herbivore versus omnivore diet), isn't plant material very healthy for
people (omnivores) to eat, being higher in fiber, but less packed with
protein, calcium, calories and fat, and hence requiring the ingestion of
larger portions and relatively more processing?  The U.S. Government's
prescribed food pyramid is designed to provide plenty of fiber and low fat
and sugar because in the long term such a diet is beneficial to us, but
people have subsisted on quite a range of diets and we're probably living a
lot longer than nature intended.  Were we to be killed off by illness or by
a bear at, say, age 30, these long term nutritional goals would not be so
meaningful.  How such matters would have impacted "omnivorous sauropods," I
don't know, but there is that famous tyrannosaur specimen with gout!

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com