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Re: Resting (and Dining) Sauropods

I would like to thank Ralph for his answer to my post.  However, we're
talking about two different nutrient pyramids.  The one I'm speaking of
has to do with the flow of nutrients through an ecosystem.  Below is a
highly simplified example.  Of course my values are probably off, but you
get my point. 

WORD PYRAMID (start from bottom, go to top)

buzzard, eating dead wolf, incorporates x/50 orig. kilocalories/mass unit
wolf, having killed cow, incorporates x/10 orig. kilocalories/mass unit
cow, having eaten grass, incorporates x/2 orig. kilocalories/mass unit
grass containing x kilocalories/mass unit 

therefore:              ^
                      /buz\     /\ less nutritional value
                     /zard \    || per mass unit of ingested  
                    / wolf  \   || material as we go up the pyramid
                   /   cow   \  ||
                  /   grass   \

Is this right?