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Re: Sauroponderings - and trunks !

At 14:23 12/07/98 -1000, Blue wrote in reply to my question about
brachiosaur trunks:
>       I remember seeing this in Bob Bakker's _The Dinosaur Heresies_.
>Can't find the book so can't tell you where it is.  Don't know if he was
>the first to advocate this, but wouldn't be surprised if he were.

Yes, Chapter 6. Pages 141-145 discusses the pros and cons of this. Picture
comparison of Diploducus and an Indian Elephant on page 141.

However this is not the reference I had in mind, but is a good enough one.
On page 142 Bob says "The possibility of trunked dinosaurs has been raised
in paleontological journals on and off for half a century". Unfortunately
he doesn't cite any examples.