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media alert

I'm sending this on behalf of Michael Brett-Surman.  He sent it from
an address that was subtly different from the address from which the
listprocessor knows him, and two attempts of mine to get the message
back to him so that he could resend it (after I told the listprocessor
who he was) have bounced back to me.  I think his signature file ought
to say something different about what it means to be "with the
government" :-) When things get straightened out, the address:


should work if you want to write to him directly.

-- MPR

------- Start of forwarded message -------
Subject: media alert

The next broadcast of Discovery News, Friday at 9PM (EST),
will have a short item on a Middle Jurassic footprint site in
Wyoming. The scientific team studying the site consists of
Erik Kvale (Indiana Geol. Survey), Al Archer (Kansas State),
Brent Breithaup (U. Wyoming), Mike Brett-Surman
(Smithsonian Institution), Gary Johnson (Dartmouth), Neffra
Matthews (BLM), Debra Mickelson (U. Colorado), Beth
Southwell (U. Wyoming), Ty Naus (S. Dakota School Mines),
and a cast of thousands.

"I am with the government  ---   you must believe..."

------- End of forwarded message -------