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Dino Track site

The track site you are referring to is the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite 
near Shell, Wyo. Four miles west of Shell, 8 miles east of Greybull. It is 
located on BLM land on the Red Gulch/Alkali National Back Country Byway. 
According to the BLM release "The dinosaur fossils' age, put at 
165-million-years-old, and their occurrence in the Middle Jurassic Period, 
is already causing scientists from around the country to rethink what 
existed then, and the dynamics of the prehistoric ecology that supported 
these creatures."
They were discovered by Erik Kvale, research geologist, Indiana Geological 
Survey. The story goes that he and family and friends were on an outing and 
a relative asked if dinosaur tracks might be found in this particular 
formation, to which Kvale replied, "No, but here is one right in front of 
There are, from what the guys digging up there tell us, not a few tracks 
but what may be "thousands" in the 40-acre area. They are three-toed, going 
every direction.
The tracks were, according to BLM, "clearly made just at shoreline."
The area is not open in winter because of snow, inaccessible roads. Open 
May-October, using a high-clearance vehicle.
The Worland District Office of the BLM has the information. Their address 
is 101 S. 23rd, Worland WY 82401 or 307 347 5100. The Wyoming Dinosaur 
Center, working with BLM, made a cast of a right foot and a left foot 
Ellen Sue Blakey, Education Director, Wyoming Dinosaur Center