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Re: Resting and Dining Sauropods

Carbohydrates and protein have 3+cal/gm and fat ~9cal/gm.  Meat is protein and
fat so it's somewhere in between.  Plants have cellulose, etc., protein, and
carbohydrates too.  What's important is how many calories are ingested and more
importantly how effective the animal digests and uses them.  So without knowing
what they ate and what they ate were composed of and the physiology of their
digestive tracts et al then there is no answer.

Since they got so big I suspect they got a lot of calories somewhere.  Maybe
they drank beer and I'm only somewhat facetious.  Could they have fermented
"stuff" in multiple stomachs?

Michael Teuton

Jack wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Peter Von Sholly wrote:
> > Again, who says sauropods were exclusively herbiverous?  As omnivores, and
> > possibly carrion eaters, they would get much more nutrition than otherwise
> > and from less bulk consumed.
> I don't know if this is true because of the poor plant material which the
> sauropods would have ingested, but I think that most any plant material
> will have more nutrition value than meat.  Is this correct?  Something
> about the "nutrition pyramid" (not sure if this is the correct title for
> it). Maybe Dr. Farlow could tell us if the nutrition value of the
> plants in the sauropod diet would fall below that of carrion on the
> "pyramid."
> Still, I could see some sauropods as potential carrion eaters,
> but I don't feel that this was probably their primary feeding behavior.
> Thanks for the response.
> Jack