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Re: [Sauropod gas]

owner-dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:
> While reading the recent discussion of sauropod behavior, an odd idea 
> came to my head.
> Could sauropod farts have affected Mesozoic climate? How about sauropod 
> belches? All that low-grade plant food must have resulted in lots of 
> methane (especially when dealing with the "fermentation vat" stomachs 
> that Bakker proposed). Is passing gas a strictly mammalian thing? Do 
> birds do it?

> Andy Farke

I don't know if birds do it (although it would
seem to make sense) but I know that reptiles
do. One such example that I can think of it that
of my late iguana Ripley who, during her walks, would
end up on occasion farting. It's not audible and suprisingly
didn't smell bad (kinda like babywipes) but she did prove that
reptiles fart.

Actually many of these excretorial traits are shared by most
vertebrates. Crying, sneezing, farting, and coughing. It's all

Archosaur J

That babywipes thing was too much huh?

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