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Re: [Sauropod gas]

    Archosaur J wrote:

>I don't know if birds do it (although it would
>seem to make sense) but I know that reptiles

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages...Birds do, in fact, FART!

    How do I know?  I used to have a wonderful but noisy Moluccan Cockatoo
named Moochie.  Believe it or not I had taught him to defecate (or attempt
to) upon the command, "Moochie, GO PLOOP!"  (with emphasis on the word

    Immediately Moochie would lower his body slighly, jerk up his tail,
seemingly hold his breath for a moment, and usually manage to eject a glob
of 'whitewash'.

    When no solid success was obtained, Moochie usually farted!

    Failing both feces and fart, that determined bird would always FAKE A

    [Yes, Virginia, at least one 'Feathered Dinosaur' would go so far as to
fake a fart to please his human friend(s)!  And I did NOT teach him to fake
it.  He came up with that  pleasing 'ad lib' on his own!]

    You read that right!  That 'flatulamimic dino' (May Feduccia forgive
me!) was no bird brain!

    Now that you know birds fart, one WARNING:  Don't try lighting your
canary's methane!
Yet, if we ever develop a time machine, it would be 'fun as hell' to try
that on a farting T rex!  Sounds like a theme for a new Indiana Jones movie.

        Ray Stanford