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Oldest coelurosauria?

According to Mary Kirkaldy an article in the july 16 issue of Nature speaks of the oldest coelurosaurian know. And that this discovery extends the age range of these unusual animals,
previously known only from the Cretaceous period (Albian-Maastrichtian
stage), back by another 94 million years. Coelurosauridae are of my knowledge know through out the Mesozoic period in much casses this are nomia dubia but there are also descriptions of some specimens of coelurosauria from the Jurassic and even one from the Late Triassic.
There are as example  Podokesaurus holykensis from the Early Jurassic and Lukousaurus yini from the Triassic Late/ Early Jurassic period.  The therizinosauridae however are only know from the Cretaceous period so maybe if this is a therizinosaurid from the Early Jurassic (Hettangian?) it could by the oldest therizinosaurid known but surtenly not the oldest coelurosaurid.
Fred Bervoets