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Re: Jurassic genitals and early humans

At 10:50 PM 7/14/98 -0400, Michael Teuton wrote:
>I have learned not to disagree with you often, but I do think there is
>dissension in the ranks of paleoanthropologists about Cro Magnon being
>essentially us or ancestor.  Some new human and/or culture came out of Africa
>and displaced Cro Magnon and Neanderthal according to some.

You are thinking about the Out of Africa hypothesis, but this is supposed to
have occured tens of thousands of years BEFORE Cro Magnon.  In fact, under
this hypothesis, Cro Magnon IS the descendants of the out-of-African ancestor.

>So the answers not
>definitely in, but you may well be holding the right hand.

I'd like you to be able to find a specific citation which lists Cro Magnon
as other than a fully modern man.  (Now, they may not have been the direct
ancestors of modern Europeans, but that is another story: the Chinese or
Native Americans, for example, are not the direct ancestors of modern
Europeans, but they are of course still humans).

>Maybe there will be
>more pieces of the puzzles in before we die.
>Do we know that dinosaurs had cloaca?

With Scipinoyx: yes.  Also, there is absolutely no reason to expect they
didn't, and every reason to suspect they did.  ALL modern sauropsids
(turtles, lepidosaurs, crocs, and birds) AND the most primitive modern
mammals (monotremes: in fact, the fact they have a cloaca is where they get
their name: Monotremata = one opening) have this state, so it is almost
assuredly the ancestral condition for amniotes.  Only therian mammals among
amniotes divide the digestive and the urogential openings.

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