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Re: textbook advice

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, joe wrote:
> I have signed up for a dinosaur class at my university and the professor
> has assigned the following book for the required text:  The evolution
> and extinction of the dinosaurs byDavid Fastovsky and David Weishampel,
> Cambridge University Press, 1996.
> Knowing the caliber of several people on the list, unless the people
> have changed considerably in the year or so I've been offlist, I wanted
> to know what people thought of the text.  Anyone know of any notable
> errors?  Things I should watch out for? I know several things have been
> discovered and ideas revised somewhat so can someone tell what items
> should be updated?  I suppose the new Chinese feathered dinos would
> count as an update.
> Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Just looked the book up on Amazon.com

Customer reviews were good (the reviewers appear to be lay folk, tho
one was a "science teacher") as were reviews from Booklist and Booknews.

fifty bucks.  nice cover