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Re: Have you ever tried to hunt them?

Garrison Hilliard wrote:

> At 08:54 PM 7/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >        Not according to my great-grandmother, who raised turkeys for about 
> > 50
> >years.  She told me that when I was little, and I never forgot it. She
> >always said that domestic turkeys were the dumbest critters God ever
> >made, and I reckon she would know.
> And this is what is called "hearsay evidence", i.e., it is next to worthless.

True, but I know of a few people that have raised turkeys and they have said the
same thing.  Admittedly, the only time I remember them saying so was when the
turkeys were crowded together in a pen with little freedom of movement and no
cover.  This also only applies to turkeys long domesticated.  It does NOT apply 
any turkey with any hint of wildness about it.  Domestic turkeys really are
amazingly stupid in many cases.
Joe Daniel