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This just in..

CHARIG, A.J. and CHAPMAN, S.D. 1998. _Iguanodon_ Mantell, 1825 
(Reptilia, Ornithischia): proposed designation of _Iguanodon 
bernissartensis_ Boulenger in Beneden, 1881 as the type species, and 
proposed designation of a lectotype. _Bulletin of Zoological 
Nomenclature_ 55 (2): 99-104.

Abstract: The purpose of this application is to designate the well 
known nominal species _Iguanodon bernissartensis_ Boulenger in 
Beneden, 1881 as the type of the Cretaceous ornithopod _Iguanodon_ 
Mantell, 1825 (family IGUANODONTIDAE Huxley, 1870). At present 
_Iguanodon anglicus_ Holl, 1829 is the valid type species but this is 
known only from fragmentary and non-associated teeth which show a 
complete lack of diagnostic characters. It is also proposed that a 
virtually complete and mounted skeleton in the Institut Royal des 
Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Brussels, be designated the 
lectotype of _I. bernissartensis_.

It's a must!