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Re: [Re: Resting Sauropods]

PTJN@aol.com  wrote:

> << There aren't living tetrapod reptilian analogs (to dinosaurs), since they
> are all cold-blooded sprawlers. >>
> To which Archosaur responded (in part):
> <>
> Well, that's just absurd.  Name me a 4-legged bird? 

You wrote that part not me. I wrote the next bit.


> <<Well that's an awfully dogmatic way of looking at it.>>

PTJN@aol.com wrote back: 
> Well, then; name one.  Name me one _single_ extant, non-sprawling, reptilian
> tetrapod that can be used as an analog for a straight legged, terrestrial,
> 4-legged dinosaur.  I don't know of any, but I'm always happy to learn.


Crocodiles. Hey, don't give me that look, it's true. Crocodilians 
when walking have an erect (although some state that it's semi-erect)

Now I believe we were talking about an animal being able
to lie on it's side, although we do seem to have strayed from 
it. Anyway crocs have been seen lying on their sides. I might be
overgeneralizing the crocodilian populace since I've only seen
Nile crocs doing it, but I'm sure they all are capable.

Of course they mostly lie on their stomachs. The lying on the sides
generally comes during breaks inbetween death rolls and such. 
And they are quite capable of doing it, since their back legs 
don't stick out and get in the way.

So there one extant, non-sprawling tetrapod that has always
been used as a living analog for dinosaurs. I suppose it
wasn't a _single_ one, but then again I did mention the Nile croc.


> (More flagrant than usual, but it's late.  Forgive me.


I guess I just pushed a button.

Archosaur J

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