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Re: Have you ever tried to hunt them?

Peter Von Sholly wrote:
> Well I'd think that domestic turkeys are beside the point anyway.
> Wild
> turkeys are a totally different animal.  For one thing, and I get this
> from
> my brother-in-law who does in fact hunt them every season in upstate
> NY,
> they are very capable fliers-  I mean they can really FLY, not just
> flutter
> short distances, and are generally not at all what most people think
> of
> when they think of turkeys.  What I knew from my own experience is
> that
> they're GOOD to eat!  But you have to watch out for the buckshot.
        Your bro-in-law is absolutely right and so are you.  I *have*  hunted
wild turkeys in Texas.  They are very smart, extremely wary and can
literally see an eye-blink.  We used to hunt them with .22 rifles so as
to avoid the shot.  Tasty!

        Good memories,


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