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Re: Have you ever tried to hunt them?

---Betty Cunningham <bettyc@flyinggoat.com> wrote:
> Butterball (packager of Thanksgiving turkeys galore) confirms it on a
> CNN report.  Take it up with them.
> http://cnn.com/EVENTS/1996/thanksgiving/turkey.farm/index.html

I have taken it up with them and they have agreed to retract their
statement.  They will soon be issuing a press release, to read as

"We regret that our inaccurate reporting of the intellect of domestic
turkeys has caused such confusion and distress in the paleontological
community.  We would like to emphatically state that domestic turkeys
are certifiable GENIUSES; in fact, we have certain of the brighter
ones do the bookkeeping around here."

Butterball has spoken.  I hope we can lay this issue to rest now.


"Metaphors be with you"


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