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Re: yet another Lost World movie this weekend

Regretfully, this is NOT a NEW version of The Lost World (although there
ARE two new versions purportedly in pre-production) The J-R Davies
version was made as a two-part Canadian production about 5 years ago.
They ran out of $$ before the special effects could be completed and,
although the performances are very good, it is not really all that
worthwhile, so don't get too excited if you miss it.  The two parts are
called "The Lost World" and "Return to the Lost World".

Sci Fi channel has it's own website with schedules. Don't have the URL
at the moment.


Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> Betty Cunningham wrote:
> > way back in the dark ages I posted a rumour I had heard that there was a
> > version of LOST WORLD in production starring none other than John Rhys
> > Davies as Professor Challenger.  A man who was born to play the role.
> >
> > That rumour was apparently a made-for-the-SciFi-Channel movie and will
> > premier this weekend, Saturday at 7pm.
> >
> > Since I don't own a TV and don't get TV listings, I'm not sure but I
> > think it's Pacific time.
> The Skiffy Channel generally schedules a double broadcast, Eastern/Pacific
> time zones.  For a detailed schedule, check their website.  I'd give the URL
> but I don't remember it -- try Yahoo and search on "Sci-Fi Channel."
> -- Jon W.

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