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Dinosaur TV Week

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Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric life and evolution, all times

Monday, July 20

History Channel, 1:00pm
Birth Of Europe
"Out of the Ice"
Neanderthal man makes way for Homo sapiens.

History Channel, 6:00pm
Birth Of Europe
"Out of the Ice"

Tuesday, July 21
History Channel, 5:00am
Birth Of Europe
"Out of the Ice"

Saturday, July 25
TRAVEL Channel, 1:30pm
Outdoor Journal
"Texas Dude Ranch"
Includes segment on Alberta's dinosaurs.

Discovery Channel, 5:00pm
Ultimate Guide
"The Great Apes"
Evolution of the Great Apes.

The Learning Channel, 6:00pm
The Making Of:
"Jurassic Park"
Paleontologists team with effects wizards, take money, run.

Sunday, July 26
Discovery Channel, 9:00am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Children's program about paleontology.  This episode: "The Headless
Dinosaur."  Dinosaurs of the southern hemisphere, including the skull
of a titanosaur.

TRAVEL Channel, 3:30pm
Outdoor Journal
"Texas Dude Ranch"

May all of your ranches be stocked with Texas dudes,


"Metaphors be with you"


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