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Mystery fossil

My mystery fossils just got upgraded since I was able to scan in the 
bone that looks like a radius. I have four views of the length and one 
each of the ends. I think this is a dinosaurian bone, but it was found 
in a Turonian site from the Carlile Shale of South Dakota. Zangerl and 
Sloan '60 think the site was an island in the Western Interior Seaway. 
Since we have these two bones and now a few hadrosaur teeth and small 
theropod teeth from the same site (from sifting the buckets of material 
the plesiosaurs came from)maybe this island was very close to the shore 
or even a penninsula. To see them please go to:
The first few pages are on the location and other fossils from the site, 
so going to mystery will pass by all those.
Thanks very much, Barry

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