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Pete von Sholly wrote:

<<I have always thought that the tremendously deep lower jaw of
Shantungosaurus looked quite odd in relation to the rest of the skull,
but never thought much about it beyond that. But looking at a picture
of the actual fossil material, it appears that most of the top of the
skull is missing and that such fragments as are preserved could be
arranged differently (i.e. more in proportion to a normal hadrosaur
skull). Is it possible that the restorations we are familiar with are

to which Tracy Ford wrote:


The left dentary is all there so we know that it did have a deep jaw.
Both quadrates are known so we know how high the skull was, but the
top of the skull could have been more level. What I think is really
wrong and makes the skull look low, is the maxilla is placed to high
on the skull. It should be lower, thus the skull would be more
'normal' looking.>

  It depends on which reconstructions we're all familiar with. I've
known only two: from Glut's New Dinosaur Dictionary, and Paul's from
_The Complete Dinosaur_. In Glut's _Dinosaurs: the Encyclopedia_ I
finally got to see that actual material attributable to the skull and
as such was able to find some odd like details, such as the external
naris is shown only as a nasal fossa [sic?] around said naris which is
not preserved, rather as in *Maiasaura*, and that the maxilla itself
is rather long and low, as in said Horner-duckbill; the quadrate's
curvature at the upper end in rather reminiscent of edmontosaurins
like *Anatotitan* and *Edmontosaurus* itself, all of which would
preclude a blunt-face, low-headed and possible long-skulled hadrosaur
of *Maiasaura*-affinity. Not much I saw of the rest of the skeleton
aside from Paul's reconstruction and the rather poor pic in _New
Dinosaur Dictionary_, so I may be off a little.

Jaime A. Headden

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