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Re: Mystery fossil

Barry Kazmer wrote:
> Everyone,
> My mystery fossils just got upgraded since I was able to scan in the
> bone that looks like a radius. I have four views of the length and one
> each of the ends. I think this is a dinosaurian bone, but it was found
> in a Turonian site from the Carlile Shale of South Dakota. Zangerl and
> Sloan '60 think the site was an island in the Western Interior Seaway.
> Since we have these two bones and now a few hadrosaur teeth and small
> theropod teeth from the same site (from sifting the buckets of material
> the plesiosaurs came from)maybe this island was very close to the shore
> or even a penninsula. 

Well, its my uneducated guess that the first one is a broken metatarsal.
I think I can see where the other metatarsal fit next to it. 

The other, a femoral head of an animal that could really move it's leg.
Possibly Avian?