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Re: Chicago

Sorry I'm a little late on this!! I hope whoever needs it can still use it.

Ok, places to go: You can go to Six Flags Great America, which is north of
the city off of I-94, but as all amusement parks, it's expensive, close to
$40 for an adult, not including parking. There's many museums in the
downtown area, as well as place to eat. Now, if you want some really good
pizza, from downtown, head north on Clark. Just past Fullerton on the right
is a place called My Pie, best pizza in town. I would also reccommend Navy
Pier, they have a hands-on Childrens Musuem, as well as other things to see
and do.

Now as far as getting around. Forget it. You just can't get from here to
there. You know how in L.A. everything is supposedly 20 minutes from here?
In Chicago, everything is at least an hour. We have two seasons, Winter and
Construction. They always have the roads screwed up all the time. Your best
bet is to take Metra, CTA, and Pace. (Suburban Train, City Transit, and
Suburban Bus) You can call RTA (regional transit authority) and of course I
forgot the number, but they can find you a route anywhere from the 6 collar
counties to the city. Anywhere. It's amazing. But yes, don't drive. Traffic
sucks, and to be quite honest with you, we don't want you driving out
there. We prefer to deal with people who know where they're going! :-)
Ha-ha, anyway, I hope this helps. Chicago also has a Yahoo! Chicago
(http://chi.yahoo.com) which can also guide you.


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