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This summer my mom's taking me on a trip 'out west'.
We plan on starting in MI (my home state!-yahoo), going up the mackinaw 
bridge, through the UP, around to wesconcin, then down to 
Wyoming,etc and over to yellowstone, then down to Utah and back 
home...Well, that's the basic plan anyway.
My mom wanted me to find more places to visit on our trip.
So far we're going to
Casper Collage's Tate Museum
Mt. rushmore(excuse my spelling, Im in a hurry and I burnt my fingers 
last night)
Crazy horse monumant
Yellowstone natl. park
Dinosaur National Monument
if you know of any other neat places somewhere around the trip area,
please tell me-especially if I have a chance of seeing dinosaur bones 
there! ;-)

Oh, sorry that this information isn't to detailed or the best. It'll 
have to do for now.

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

"I was NOT doodling dinos in my the margins of my notebooks! I was 
creating Random works of Paleoart!"

WHA-HOOOOOO! ROAD-TRIP!!!!(hehehe. Oh, did I mention I'll be 
driving?-EVERYONE, if you value your lives--RUN!!!! just kidding)

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