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Re: TRIP!!!

At 11:57 -0400 19/7/98, GOBI 2010 wrote:
>This summer my mom's taking me on a trip 'out west'.
>We plan on starting in MI (my home state!-yahoo), going up the mackinaw
>bridge, through the UP, around to wesconcin, then down to
>Wyoming,etc and over to yellowstone, then down to Utah and back
>home...Well, that's the basic plan anyway.
>My mom wanted me to find more places to visit on our trip.
>So far we're going to
>Casper Collage's Tate Museum
>Mt. rushmore(excuse my spelling, Im in a hurry and I burnt my fingers
>last night)
>Crazy horse monumant
>Yellowstone natl. park
>Dinosaur National Monument

If you're hitting Dinosaur NM, hit Denver and the DMNH, too.  It's not too far.

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