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Impact Site Query

Hi, all...

I've a question about the KT impact site....

It is generally stated that the impact took place off of the coast of
the then Central America, but still on the continental shelf.  Is it at
all possible that it could have hit a sizable island or penninsular
extension of that region, or perhaps wiped out such an island within the
immediate blast radius?  And by sizable, I mean something the size of
Cuba, say, or perhaps a bit smaller, and with little vertical relief.

I'm doing a work of speculative fiction (the details I'll hold off on
unless someone REALLY wants to know, since most people I've talked to
about it think I'm trying to bastardize natural history, even if it is
just for fun and not general publication), and while I will certainly
have to stretch some facts, I would nonetheless like to try and keep as
much "reality" about it as possible.

Thanks for the input!
John M. Dollan
Montana State University- Northern
Graduate Assistant
ICQ# 308260
"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the
universe...."  Carl Sagan