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Bakker says

     Hi folks , On the Discovery channel Dr. Bakker says he thinks that
the Dinosaur
Extinction was caused by disease by migrating Dinos , and that was what
made it so selective during the wipeout , I would tend to favor other
scientists view that of some
kind of massive radiation could have been involved for large animals
suffer more from
radiation than small skinny ones therefore it is also very selective ,
one other point he
did not address , if it was disease why did the scavengers survive ?
where as
irradiated meat and  or flora are very good to eat they just won't
germinate . I know
that this has been brought up before , but now Dr. Bakker has stirred
the pot again .
     There some scientific magazines that are touting massive cosmic
radiation as
having occurred in the past , again it seems that extinction in any form
is very hard to
prove to everyone's satisfaction , I think everyone loves a
     I would like to get some comments about this theory .
     Thanks    Earl.