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Re: Megalania

At 20:22 17/07/98 -0500, Ann Shmidt wrote:
>I would like to know if anyone else on this list watched "Into the unknown"
>on the Discovery channel last thursday and there comments on it.  It was
>all about the possibility that Megalania prisca still lives.....

Wow that really would be something !  Megalania grew to at least 5 metres
and was probably the top predator in Australia during the Pliocene and
Pleistocene. It was 10 times the size of the Komoro Dragon !

Didn't see the programme which is a pity. If you've not seen it already
suggest you read Wildlife of Gondwana by Patricia Vickers-Rich and Thomas
Hewitt Rich 
(ISBN 0 7301 0315 3) 1993 Pages 197-201