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Re: Bakker says

  Wanna here my theory on whodunnit? Well:
     There is one theory out there that I rather like (of course, 
deciding on which theory of how the dinosaurs became extinct is like 
shopping.) I saw on some dino TV show. It showed that some people took 
samples of air from the Mesozoic that was trapped in small bubbles in 
amber and measured the oxygen content of the air. The conclusion was 
that the atmosphere in the Mesozoic was about ten percent higher than it 
is today (another conclusion that one can draw from this is that several 
million years from now, earth is going to have a nitrogen atmosphere and 
little or no oxygen at all), and that the oxygen content of the air was 
dropping as time went by, and this eventually killed the dinos off. It 
also has something to do with the dinosaurs not having diaphragims.
   However, I don't think this theory would explain why all the other 
critters survived, and just the dinos died off...

                                             Caleb Lewis

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