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Re: Mesozoic terrain - who needs grass anyway ?

Roy Nash wrote:
> At 06:55 16/07/98 -0500, J Willson wrote:
> >
> >I believe it was L. Sprague de Camp in _Day of the Dinosaur_ who opined
> >that, since grass had not evolved during the Mesozoic, ipso facto the
> >terrain must have been cut up by erosion .....
> I'm surprised no paleobotanists have picked up on this one. Although there
> was no grass we cannot not assume there was no ground covering vegetation
> to help bind the soil together.

The Late Jurassic Morrison floodplain was similar to modern ones in a
number of aspects. Clearly paleosoils show rooting fabrics idicative of
extensive ground cover. My vote is ferns.

Jim Kirkland