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Re: tyrannosaurus rex

---Daniel Saravia <artiprom@uio.satnet.net> wrote:
> I'm sure that a blue whale has the largest theeth, but those teeth
don't work like killer teeth so the t-rex is powerfuller that them

Hi Daniel:

I think we all agree that the T. rex was one cool critter.  But
remember that the blue whale doesn't have any teeth -- it has stuff
called "baleen" to filter out little shrimpy creatures it eats a lot of.

But there were other very big dinosaur predators too -- and they may
have been just as impressive at what they did as T. rex was.  Some
paleontologists think that these animals preyed upon their food
sources in different ways -- that T. rex crushed its prey in its
powerful jaws, while, say, Carcharodontosaurus or Giganotosaurus
used their thin, razor sharp teeth to slash their prey.

A lot of people who love T. rex have gotten upset because some people
are going around trying to make a cheap dollar off of animals that
were, at most, a little larger.  Don't worry, though -- T. rex is
still the top predator of its habitat and one of the top predators of
all time!


"Metaphors be with you"


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