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RE:my trip

Okie. Here's an update:
so far my mom's agreed to every place I've asked her to go to.
(well that's 3 more places so far...still have to ask her about a lot of 
the places)
The trip's going to be about 2weeks long
-the last week of august/1st week of September.
Be prepared for some major spam when I return.
Thanks for all the suggestions!

OH, WHERE in the world is the black hills institute? and when are they 
open?(IE: Street address...) I can't get to their web page...
what happened to it?

I'm getting so hyped up about this trip ;-)
I just can't wait. 

When I come back the world shall be spammed with random bits of Dino 
info and drawings and photography.

(my mother's going to have to drag me away from the museums,etc. where 
the fossils are...)

Now wasn't this a pointless bit of nothing?

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

"I was NOT doodling dinos in my the margins of my notebooks! I was 
creating Random works of Paleoart!"

....just realised...I used up 25 pages out of my notebook last night 
drawing dinosaurs....Wish I had a scanner!!!...
hehehe.I'm to hyper today for my own good.

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