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Turonian dino dig

To All;

        I'm looking for a few more people to fill out a dinosaur expedition to
excavate mid. Cret. dinosaurs on the New Mexico - Arizona border. We are
finding all new dinosaurs including one, that I'm still afraid to talk
about in public, because if I'm right it is a radical new discovery. 
        We need a few more people for the fall dig to go forward. This is
really a great opportunity to be in on the ground floor of new dinosaur

        We hope to have enough after this expedition to completely reconstruct
the skull of our new ceratopsia, the most primitive member of our new
Ceratopsomorpha (in press). This is the most exciting project I'm part
of this year.

Jim Kirkland
 Sept. 12-18, 1998 
        This expedition is at the cutting edge of dinosaur research.  
Expeditioners will be 
exploring dinosaur bearing strata from the middle Cretaceous and excavating the 
significant dinosaur material from this time interval (`92 mya). It is 
predicted (and has prooven out so far).  that all the dinosaurs excavated will 
be new to science.  
        Expeditioners will be excavating with Dr. James I. Kirkland of 
Dinamation and Douglas G. Wolfe,  paleontologist for the Mesa Southwest Museum 
and an expert on the Cretaceous rocks of the Zuni Basin.  Expeditioners will be 
staying within walking distance of  a museum on the Anasazi indians.            
        Previously discovered dinosaurs include a number of partial hadrosaur 
skeletons, several fairly complete dromaeosaur (raptor) skeletons with a skull, 
 parts of a tyrannosaurid, teeth and armor from a nodosaurid ankylosaur, and a 
number of sites with ceratopsian material ("Zuniceratops" [ in press]).   The 
ceratopsian is the oldest horned-dinosaur ever found with brow horns and was 
featured in the Nov./Dec. 1997 issue of Earth magazine. During the '97 
Expedition, we uncovered a bone bed with this new animal and parts of a 
tyrannosaurid.  The Spring 1998 expedition was very successful with lots of new 
skull material (jaws, horns, and frill). We will be concentrating our efforts 
on this site, which has proved to be very productive. Additionally, we will be 
prospecting for more sites and sampling established microvertebrate localities 
and plant localities, which provide a complete picture of the fauna and flora 
during this important time interval. 
        Your fee includes: double occupancy accommodations in Springerville, 
meals; ground transportaion; equipment and instruction; visit to Malapai Indian 
Zuni Basin_  (6 day)  
        Fee: $995 + $125 for single occupancy           Deposit: $100 
        Start Dates: May 2 , 1998 
        Fly into Phoenix, Arizona 
For more information call 1 (800) 344-3466