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Re: my trip

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 gobi2010@hotmail.com writes:
 >  OH, WHERE in the world is the black hills institute? and when are they 
 >  open?(IE: Street address...) I can't get to their web page...
 >  what happened to it?
 Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.
 P.O. Box 643
 217 Main Street
 Hill City, South Dakota  57745
 (605) 574-4289   Fax - (605) 574-2518
  I thought I just might want to mention to Jessica that the Museum of Geology
at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City is working on
a Morrison Quarry with sauropods, allosaurs, and Jurassic mammals, also
investigations of Hell Creek dinosaurs, White River, Miocene and Pleistocene
mammal sites, and, probably the most extensive exploration of marine reptiles
of the Cretaceous on the planet.
  They even do some "geological research" once in a while, and one can
actually go to "school" there. Dan Varner.