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Re: I need a...........................

Dear Mr. Lewis,

If you are interested in paleo then go somewhere that has people
interested in it or related fields.  More importantly though is
undergraduate work changes you.  Hopefully you will learn how to learn
and be inquisitive.  You will find the right place for any post-graduate
work when the time comes.  Don't worry if you change your mind a few
times either.

Until then have fun.

Michael Teuton

D.I.G. wrote:

> we assume you mean:
> colleges
> There is no telling how many collages there are between Colarado and
> California.  The mind boggles.
> The rest of it doesnt' matter, actually.
> > dwlewis wrote:
> >
> >     Could I get from one of you a list of collages from Colorado to
> > California, that I can get a major, Masters, and the docterite (I'm
> > assuming that this is the order it goes in), or at least a URL to a
> > site that does?