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Re: Bakker says

At 05:06 PM 7/19/98 -0400, John Bois wrote:
>But diseases don't do it for me.  First, diseases have never been known to
>wipe out whole taxa.  

I don't think Bakker has ever suggested that all dinosaurs were wiped
out by one virus...He merely theorizes that the migration of species led
to the introduction of viruses into alien environs, sort of the way the first
Europeans in the Americans brought with them new diseases that the Native
Americans had no defense against, and the Europeans brought back diseases 
from America that *they* no immunity to.  This sort of mixture of viruses was 
a contributing factor to weakening the dinosaurs' numbers, but there were
other factors at work, such as the eroding of dinosaurian niches as the
sea levels dropped, causing the intermixing and competition of alien
species...A war that Bakker seems to think _Triceratops_ ultimately won 
at least in North America, and _Triceratops_ then had a "monopoly" 
in the dinosaur herbivore niches that furthur made the whole
dinosauria vulnerabe to extinction, since all individual species become
eventually.  (Dr. Bakker has always emphasized that he sees the big mystery
as not why the Late Creatceous dinos died out -- because *all* species die
out -- but why no new dinosaur species evolved to take their place.)

                                  -- Dave

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