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In a message dated 7/20/98 4:02:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bsaurus@bellatlantic.net writes:

>  I agree thoroughly with this observation.  Even today with the current
>  Aids epidemic we see some individuals who are able to tolerate the
>  disease.  And if a major disease were responsible, how do we explain the
>  other forms that also dissapear from the fossil record at the same
>  point?  Keep in mind that not just Dinosaurs died.  Plesiosaurs,
>  Icthyosaurs, Pterosaurs, and a large chunk of the flora also either
>  become extinct, or nearly so at the same time.  Even Foraminifera are
>  almost entirely wiped out, causing a ceasation of chalk production,
>  which has inly recently, I believe, began to recover. 

I believe the "Bakker says" thread started from the "Bonehead
Detectives of Paleoworld" program last week (one of many showings).
He gave his disease theory and then said ask not why the dinosaurs
died but why the marine turtle lived.