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Re: Bakker says

>At 03:07 PM 7/19/98 -0700, Caleb Lewis wrote:
>>(another conclusion that one can draw from this is that several 
>>million years from now, earth is going to have a nitrogen atmosphere 
>>little or no oxygen at all)...
>I gather this is science's latest reason why the world is going to 
>Did they offer any reason *why* the oxygen might be going down?

Actually, it's my own theory. I just made it up right after I watched 
that show. The show; however, said that the decrease in earth's oxygen 
levels is due to decrease in volcanic activity. Actualy, maybe it was a 
rise in nitrogen levels due to an increase, or decrease, of volcanic 
activity. I don't remember. Oh well.

>>It also has something to do with the dinosaurs not having diaphragims.
>Diaphragms are strictly mammalian?

Ehh....I don't know. I just remember something about diaphragms being 
mentioned in that show. Anyways, it sounds like a pretty good theory to 

                                       Caleb Lewis

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