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Emily Buchholtz and I are presently corresponding about locomotion in 
the Eocene basilosaurid whales (her current area of research), and I 
just discovered something remarkable I was previously unaware of.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Emily Giffin? I did. Well, turns 
out she is now Emily Buchholtz. Dammit.. whoever decided that women 
should change their surnames on getting married? (He says, fully 
intending to change the surname of one certain woman to his own 
within the year).

For those of you who don't know, Emily Buchholtz (as Giffin) 
previously published a lot of stuff about the palaeoneurology of 
extinct tetrapods. Her work indicates that tyrannosaurs and other big 
theropod with short forearms truly had weak, degenerate arms (in
marked disagreement with what Ken Carpenter and a few others have 
said about tyrannosaur arms), and that big quadrupedal dinosaurs like 
stegosaurids and some diplodocids had comparatively weak forelimbs. 
Which, as we all know, led Greg Paul to suggest that they may have 
been obligate bipeds....


I saw Godzilla last night. Good fun, but I am tremendously angry that 
they saw fit to kill it, and yet provide no indication that the whole 
thing was all the result of human folly in the first place. And let 
me get this straight.. the animal is benevolant (we know that it does 
not really have any interest in harming people), all of its babies 
are blown to pieces, it is shot at by every weapon available to the 
US military, it is finally killed by great big missiles and takes 
minutes to succumb, and we are supposed to be _happy_ when it 
dies??? I trust the sequel features thousands of parthenogenetic 
gojiras, reproducing en masse beyond control, stomping over all the 
major cities of the world. Then I will feel happy. And yes I may be 
being childishly sentimental, but I would much rather have NYC 
declared the world's first Giant Mutant Lizard Conservation Park than 
anything else. 

"He's pregnant"