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Request from "Discovery" producers

Can anyone help Ms. Enoki?  I promised her that I would forward this
request to
the list.  Please send your reply, or a copy, to her directly at
cherrye@hotmail.com.  Thanks!

>Here is our query on dinosaur-to-birds models:
>does anyone have 3D or 2D computerized renderings of Archaeopteryx, 
>velociraptor, or deinonychus? We are particularly interested in seeing 
>computerized models of skeletons, whole body, and/or with skin.  Also, 
>does anyone have renderings of how scales might have evolved into 
>Anything, whole or in part, of computerized renditions backing up the 
>dinosaur-to-birds theory will be appreciated.  We are producing an 
>hour-long Discovery Channel show called "Discover Magazine" on the topic 
>of "Living Fossils", one segment of which will be on the dino-birds 
>Cherry Enoki
>Cambridge Studios
>78 Cleveland St.
>Arlington, MA 02474
>tel 781.643.1771
>fax 781.643.2627
>e-mail: cherrye@hotmail.com
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