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re: prehistoric animal Q

What's my favorite dinosaur?

I'd have to go with Triceratops as first. The big guy was my orriginal 
favorite from k-6th grade. When I was little I used to think if any 
trouble came from a T-rex, I'd be able to hide behind the Tric's frill 
as the Triceratops bravely drove off the meat-eating terror. Imagination 
is a wonderful thing, isn't it? *grin* For several years I've kept a 
little 'Triceratops hatchling' toy from Jurassic Park (The first 
serries, the little green dude with the yellow belly and the black eyes 
that looked like my tortoise's that came with the Ellie figurine)on my 
desk in my room, and the 'baby tric' as I called it, soon became the 
main figure in a number of drawins and stories. Unfortunately, one day 
the little plastic dinosaur dissapeared, and thurough searching 
throughout the entire house never found it's hiding place.
My next favorite is....(take a wild guess)
I've always imagined this dinosaur as super-hyper, very fast, agile and 
vocal. In my drawings, they're GREEN-(That's a bright amazon-parrot 
green) with pale cream on their underside (Belly,throat,etc) and thin, 
zebra-like black stripes.  

After Troodon, I'd say Utahraptor is a favorite, and the rest of her kin 
in general. (NO, I'm not going to torture you people with silly tales of 
the toy Utahraptors (supposedly Velociraptors) that are kept in the 
Jurassic Park Backpack in my bedroom.hehehe. That's going to be saved 
for the test video on my new video camera I'm getting this weekend)

Jessica Wagar, Keeper of the Baby Triceratops! hehehehe
Amateur Paleontologist

"I was NOT doodling dinos in my the margins of my notebooks! I was 
creating Random works of Paleoart!"

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