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1st anniversary of Nakasato website

Hello, folks!

This is the 1st anniversary of The Nakasato Village Dinosaur Kingdom
website.  Our site has been updated for such an occasion (see below).

<The Nakasato Virtual Museum>
Three new QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) objects are installed.
(1) _Ingenia_ shoulder girdle
(2) _Homalocephale_ skull
(3) _Mononykus_ forelimbs
(Also there are skulls of _Ingenia_, _Saurornithoides_, and _Velociraptor_)
These QTVR objects can be viewed and manipulated with a mouse in your
browser (QuickTime plugin is necessary).  Rotate 'em and turn over 'em
to know more about these Mongolian dinos.

<Reconstruction -Breathing life into fossils>
These pages illustrates how we reconstructed and mounted Mongolian dinos
for our museum.

Please check out and enjoy at;

Naoto KOYAMA                       w
Email:naokym@gol.com              w
Please drop by;                 w