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Re: Jurassic Fishes

  In response to my friend in the swamp, here's more info on the book,
_Jurassic Fishes_by Haruto Kodera et.al., 1994, T.F.H.Publications, TS 207,
ISBN 0-7938-0086-2. Originally published in Japanese by Marine Publishing Co.
under the title _Ancient Fish_. Copyright 1992 by M.P.J. In Australia and the
South Pacific, contact T.F.H. (Austrailia), Pty.Ltd.,Box 149, Brookvale 2100
N.S.W., Austrailia. Remember this is a "Care of Tropical Fish" book about
fresh water rays, gars, sturgeon, lungfish, osteoglossiform fish, sawfish, and
paddlefish-all modern. The photos of Polypterus are amazing. Now only if I
could find a photo of dorab or wolf-herring (Chirocentrus). Dan the Paleolife
In-Fisherman (look at da size of dat sow!).