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Re: prehistoric animal Q and favorite fossil Q

cloaking device off....
Favorite dinosaur has always been Triceratops and, by association, the rest of
the certopsians.  Can't answer why, just is.  My wife's favorite is
Stegosaurus, she doesn't know why either!  Naturally the two digs we have been
on were to a late Jurassic site rather than late Cretaceous so I still haven't
seen Triceratops in the ground.  Also have a soft spot for Kakuru ever since
aquiring the name, more by accident than by design, as my computer name.  Am
always on the lookout for new info on this little enigma.  
Most beautiful fossil I have ever seen was the Allosaur(?) tooth I found on my
first dig a few years ago.  It could have been solid gold and it would not
have been more beautiful!  Also very fond of the first Knightia specimen from
the Green River formation that I prepped myself, it ain't perfect but it is
gorgeous.  More mainstream, the photo of the male and female Confusciusornis
(spelling?) in National Geographic were absolutely heart stoppingly beautiful!
Would love to see them up close and personal.
Aside to Jessica:  Don't limit yourself to dinosaurs.  If your mom will
indulge you and since you will be in the area, visit Fossil Butte National
Monument in eastern Wyoming.  It is well worth the time.  If you want more
info on this then contact me off-line.

Neh khise

Rik Chandler

cloaking device on....