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Explodosaurus fracturis


Explodosaurus fracturis gen. et sp. nov.

Etymology:Explodosaurus- 'exploded lizard' refers to the diagnostic
character of the fossil.  fracturis (Spanish) 'fractured'

Horizon + Locality: Permian, Mesozoic formations worldwide.

Discussion: Explodosaurus fracturis is extremely common in the fossil
record, found worldwide in a wide range of stratigraphic levels.  The
fossil is always found in piles consisting of a few to hundreds of small
fragments.  It is theorised here that upon death the animal would explode
into thousands of small pieces making identification impossible.
Fortunately this is the diagnostic character of the fossil allowing it to
be readily identified as E. fracturis.  The diet of E. fracturis is not
determinable due to the fact that no teeth have ever been found that can
be attributed to E. fracturis.  Even when teeth are found in situ with the
specimen they can always be attributed to another species and therefore
must occur post-mortem.  As such pictoral recreations of this animal are
almost impossible to determine which is unfornatunate for the reason that
is many faunal assemblages E. fracturis is the most common animal. :-)

-Bill Parker
Northern Arizona University

Please excuse the errors, this of course is in fun and allows for
immediate identification of all those fossils in the field, we all know
the ones!