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Re: Explodosaurus fracturis

At 09:30 PM 7/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Explodosaurus fracturis gen. et sp. nov.
>Etymology:Explodosaurus- 'exploded lizard' refers to the diagnostic
>character of the fossil.  fracturis (Spanish) 'fractured'
>Horizon + Locality: Permian, Mesozoic formations worldwide.

Unfortunately, this taxon has a long established name: _Chunkosaurus_.
_Chunkosaurus_ has various species names, often based on the formation name:
_Chunkosaurus morrisonensis_ is a very common fossil!

_Chunkosaurus_ was preceded by _Chunkosuchus_ (in the late Paleozoic and
Triassic), and followed by _Chunkotherium_.

_Chunkosaurus_ is by far the most common dinosaur in private collectors hands!

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