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     Now that species concepts are being discussed, I have been reading an 
     interesting treatment of just such matters, albeit for a group other 
     than primates:
     W.H. Kimbel and L.B. Martin (eds.), 1993, Species, Species Concepts, 
     and Primate Evolution.  Plenum Press.
     I found the paper by Niles Eldredge therein (What, if anything, is a 
     species?") to be particularly informative.
     Changing the subject, now comes a query:  Does anybody out there off 
     the top of her/his head know about publications that report values of 
     the coefficient of variation for postcranial bones--and pedal 
     phalanges in particular, if such data are available--for species of 
     dinosaurs, non-dinosaurian archosaurs, birds, crocodilians, or