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I would say no because all the sauropods as well as any other animal had
to have sex to procreate their species.  Brachiosaurs had to do this as
well and did not need special modifications to rear up enough for sex,
therefore why should lighter diplodocids need it?  This by the way is the
best counter to the people who claim that sauropods were too heavy to rear
up and couldn't support themselves on their back legs.  If the male could
not rear up and the female could not support some of the males weight, how
in the hell did they have sex?

Joe Daniel

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

> ask) would the muscular capabilities Bakker has used repeatedly (and I
> agree with them) for a stegosaur and "brontosaur" to rear up on its
> hind legs tripod-style serve to aid *ahem* sexual endeavours?
>   Oh, yes, assuredly they may have, but what I'm getting at is at the
> fact that the muscular "lift-bridge" support of the diplo's back may
> have been designed, perhaps soley, to hinch the male into a position
> to mount the female? Being a *Diplodocus*, the female would have the
> abilities too, but perhaps to support the body when she _knelt_ down
> to lay eggs....