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Re: Explodosaurus fracturis

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, William Gibson Parker wrote:
> Dinosauria
> Explodosaurus fracturis gen. et sp. nov.
> Etymology:Explodosaurus- 'exploded lizard' refers to the diagnostic
> character of the fossil.  fracturis (Spanish) 'fractured'
> Horizon + Locality: Permian, Mesozoic formations worldwide.
> Discussion: Explodosaurus fracturis is extremely common in the fossil
> record, found worldwide in a wide range of stratigraphic levels.  The
> fossil is always found in piles consisting of a few to hundreds of small
> fragments.  It is theorised here that upon death the animal would explode
> into thousands of small pieces making identification impossible.
> Fortunately this is the diagnostic character of the fossil allowing it to
> be readily identified as E. fracturis.  The diet of E. fracturis is not
> determinable due to the fact that no teeth have ever been found that can
> be attributed to E. fracturis.  Even when teeth are found in situ with the

The diet can be narrowed down. Obviously whatever the animal ate gave it 
tremendous gas. Hence the explosion upon death.

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